The Nevers (2021) Episode 3

This is my favorite episode so far. It is also the reason I love Bonfire Annie (Rochelle Neil). Not only is she gorgeous but a lone wolf with ambition. Known for her alliance with the psychotic Maladie (Amy Manson) and her ability to create fire. Annie is caught attacking a shipment of the Beggar King (Nick Frost) by Amalia and Penance. The two scuffles with … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 3

The Falcon & Winter Soldier (2021) Episode 6

The finale has arrived along with Sam’s debut as Captain America. After a public execution and shield shaming from Bucky, he’s taken on the mantle. I have to say this episode wasn’t very entertaining to me. The story was predictable, especially with the identity of The Powerbroker. This episode mostly served as a launch vehicle for season 2 and villains that may appear in later … Continue reading The Falcon & Winter Soldier (2021) Episode 6

The Nevers (2021) Episode 2

A new threat to the Touched has arrived in London and they are kidnapping young women. Not much is known about what happens to them once they go missing. More people are manifesting abilities, which is causing quite a stir. This casts a stigma on the orphanage of Touched individuals. Meanwhile, Amalia seeks answers from a dangerous criminal known as the Beggar King. This guy … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 2

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Review

Look at this man face in the thumbnail. Doesn’t he look stupid? I don’t know why the ninjas in this movie have such humongous face mask. Must be difficult to walk around with a dumbbell attached to your jaw. That’s how I felt watching this dumpster fire of a sequel to Mortal Kombat. I’m sure there was a significant budget cut but this don’t make … Continue reading Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Review

Mortal Kombat (1995) Review

If you’re thirty or older, chances are you’ve played or heard of this game. Parents were outraged when it was released, due to its extreme violence and gore. They tried to ban it, but The Elder Gods had other plans. Mortal Kombat is a historical landmark in 90s cinema. Starring Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, Linden Ashbey, and the legendary Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. It’s everything you’d expect … Continue reading Mortal Kombat (1995) Review

The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 5

After the episode from last week, I was nervous going into this one. Johnny Walker trippin’ off that super serum and reeling from the death of his partner Battle Star (Clé Bennett). Clearly this dude got PTSD and need help. That is what Sam and Bucky tried to do before the paranoia kicked in. Johnny Walker is an extremely violent man, he fights with such … Continue reading The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 5

The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 4

Listen, to be a super intellectual criminal, Baron Zemo has great customer service skills. He been serving Sam and Bucky like they in a five-star hotel. I know being royalty has its benefits but damn, they are living a life of luxury while hunting down the Flag Smashers. Which makes them look like assholes, because despite them being terrorist the F.S. have helped immigrants and … Continue reading The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 4

The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 3

Shit got real in “Power Broker.” The Flag Smashers managed to evade the heroes and stay off the radar. Sam, Bucky, and Johnny Walker don’t get no leads and still delirious from the beat down they got last week. In an act of desperation and stupidity, Bucky visited an incarcerated villain for answers. Because you know, nothing bad could happen right? We learned more about … Continue reading The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 3