Bold golden letters in an elegant metallic font spell out the title, "Tales of Novia."

Tales of Novia: Vol. 1, Book 1

Tales of Novia is a magnificent collection of character driven stories. The world is immersive and rich in detail. Danger is around every corner. It’s a magical ecosystem of excitement and mystery. There is never a dull moment in the land of Novia! Written by USA Today Bestselling author, Jessica Cage, Volume 1 introduces a number of supernatural beings with in-depth backstories. Some cross paths … Continue reading Tales of Novia: Vol. 1, Book 1

Hotshot Vol. 1: A Hero’s Welcome

There comes a time when you see a deal online you can’t resist. What is it you say? The Kickstarter for Hotshot Vol. 1 and 2 from Freestyle Komics. I already own the first two single issues. With both physical volumes available, how could I resist? The titular hero, Hotshot, winks at me and says, “Jeremy, you’re the ‘real’ hero because you’re going to make this project a reality.” That is why … Continue reading Hotshot Vol. 1: A Hero’s Welcome

Clad in blue and black combat suit. Hotshot flies through the air, eyes glowing yellow with power.

Hotshot #2: A Hero’s Welcome – Part 2

The cover of this comic tells you everything you need to know. Hotshot suffers a severe beatdown from a behemoth of a man known as The Void. I don’t know who this guy is or why he’s obsessed with darkness and “Extinguishing the light.” What I am certain about, is his ability to throw hands and everything but the kitchen sink. There’s a lot of … Continue reading Hotshot #2: A Hero’s Welcome – Part 2

Amazon’s Black Stars Shine by E.M. Lacey

This article was written by E.M. Lacey. She is a friend and extremely talented author. Her latest books include Minor Mischief and Trials of the Black Throne. Both physical and digital copies can be purchased online at the following link: Celebrate Black History Month by supporting Black Creators, thank you. I was excited to see the Amazon Prime: Black Stars Collection pop up on … Continue reading Amazon’s Black Stars Shine by E.M. Lacey

Blowtorch #2

Creator: Alfred Paige Writer: Alex De-Gruchy, Art: Montos Letters: Saida Temofonte Publisher: Second Sight Publishing This is not at all what I expected as a follow-up to the first issue of Blowtorch. It’s like a mixture of John Wick and Crank. Richard Kinkaid and his two allies, Infrared and Pinpoint, were sent to apprehend an exceptionally dangerous criminal, The Middleman. This entry is very violent, … Continue reading Blowtorch #2

Duplicant #1

Creator: Karla Nappi Art: Marianna Strychowska Letters: Josh Reed Publisher: Second Sight Publishing Holy shit! The society in this comic is pure insanity. People are literally getting their organs replaced with artificial ones created by a corporation. Imagine that for a second. God forbid, you have kidney failure and have to go to the damn Apple store for a replacement. There’s a lot of shady … Continue reading Duplicant #1

Freakshow Knight

Writer: Jonathan Hedrick Art: Stefano Cardoselli Letters: Cristian Docolomansky Publisher: Second Sight Publishing This is a compelling one-shot. When I saw the title on the cover, I was curious how it related to the story. After reading the final few pages, it all made sense. This gave me serious The Walking Dead vibes, which isn’t a bad thing. I can’t imagine living my life as … Continue reading Freakshow Knight

Vigilance #1

Writer: Micah Fox Lines/Ink: Valdeci Nogueira Colors: Veronica Smith Publisher: Short Fuse Media Vigilance has an origin story somewhat similar to Superman, she crash lands to Earth and is helpless. The difference is that her body isn’t shielded by a space ship. So the woman is confused, injured, and doesn’t speak Earthly languages. It’s a short backstory, one I would like more of in later … Continue reading Vigilance #1

Hotshot #1

Story: Victor Dandrige Pencils: Michael Watson Letters: Danny Cooper Publisher: Short Fuse Media Group This comic takes place after a cataclysm known as Zero Event. A young hero known as Hotshot faces off with a hulking juggernaut called Void. In wake of their city-wide brawl, a hero called Vigilance joins the battle. So much destruction is caused, and Void shows no sign of being stopped. … Continue reading Hotshot #1