Shadow & Bone (2021-) Review

I love this series! Shadow & Bone is an amazing tale told in eight episodes. It’s about a giant magical border made of darkness, that divides a country. Factions compete for power and territory until an army grunt, Alina Starkov, discovers her ability to create light. This shifts the political landscape, as many believe she is the key to bringing down “the shadow fold.”

The characters are diverse and awesome

The cinematography is similar to a show you’d see on HBO. It’s saturated most of the time. When the story moves to The Little Palace, the colors become rich and vibrant. There’s a violent history between the people of Ravka, particularly the Grisha. They are humans with supernatural abilities similar to those in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some of the powers are downright scary and morally intrusive.

Stakes are high for the all characters involved. Some parts of the nation are like the wild west, while others are loyal to the throne. Mystical beasts, monsters, romance, adventure, murder, and more. I am already anticipating a new season, it’s that good. Shadow & Bone has it all and you should give it a viewing. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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