The Falcon & Winter Soldier (2021) Episode 6

The finale has arrived along with Sam’s debut as Captain America. After a public execution and shield shaming from Bucky, he’s taken on the mantle. I have to say this episode wasn’t very entertaining to me. The story was predictable, especially with the identity of The Powerbroker. This episode mostly served as a launch vehicle for season 2 and villains that may appear in later properties. For some reason Johnny Walker was able to pop back up and join the fight without being apprehended.

A third-party of villains mobilized to kidnap a council of politicians. Their leader, Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman) descended further into madness. Captain Falcon had plenty of bad guys to beat up in his new suit. The action sets were insane! This show has the same tone as Captain America: Winter Soldier and should have been released a lot sooner to capitalize off its momentum.

It was difficult to suspend disbelief when everyone and their mama had some type of enhanced abilities. Sam as a regular human in the best physical shape should not be able to hold his own against a “super soldier” even if they’re not trained in hand-to-hand combat. Also, the new costume for “Captain America” is super baggy. It looked like a patriot themed jogging suit. It is one of the worst live-action costume adaptations to date.

Karli and crew weren’t playing any games. It unsettled me how many people were actually a part of the Flagsmasher movement. Bucky embraced his role as a hero, helping those in danger instead of being the muscle. Sam was dominant the entire time with his new tech and use of the shield. It’s reassuring to see that the new Captain America can actually hold his own in a fight. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier finale gets a 6 out of 10.

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