The Nevers (2021) Episode 3

This is my favorite episode so far. It is also the reason I love Bonfire Annie (Rochelle Neil). Not only is she gorgeous but a lone wolf with ambition. Known for her alliance with the psychotic Maladie (Amy Manson) and her ability to create fire. Annie is caught attacking a shipment of the Beggar King (Nick Frost) by Amalia and Penance. The two scuffles with Annie which results in drug use and an additional enemy.

Touched individuals are living in fear. Many of them are seen as evil thanks to the attack on the theater by Maladie. Penance discovers a scheme by the kidnappers, to impersonate the orphanage. Amalia finds out and shuts that shit down! Meanwhile, Mary Brighton (Eleanor Tomlinson) struggles to find her magical voice, which can identify anyone that is Touched. This does not sit well with certain key players, which sets the stage for later events.

In this episode, there is a fight scene you have never seen on TV, and it is terrifying as fuck. Trust me when I say, you will never forget. I was on the edge of my chair worried about the character on the receiving end. The pacing of this show is great because a lot happens, and it only feels like 20 minutes passed even though its been almost an hour. I was more than entertained by Ignition and give it 9 out of 10.

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