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Episode 32: Is Wakanda Forever or Nah? The Story Monster Podcast

The sequel to Black Panther is nigh! We got a trailer for Wakanda Forever and the internet don't know how to behave. Opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one, so here is my two cents on the topic. Sign up for the newsletter HERE to stay up to date. Thanks for listening! FOLLOW ME: Sounds & images are property of, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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A clown with chalky white skin with a bulbous-shaped head. On the forehead are cracks and veins that resemble an eggshell. A sinister smile reveals sharp buck teeth. Two red streaks run from the corners of his mouth up his cheeks and pass his brows. Red plumes of hair stick out from the side of its head.

Top 6 Killer Clowns You Have to Watch

October is a few months away, and the season of the witch is nigh. Horror fans are no doubt itching to watch content filled with gore, jump scares, and supernatural creatures. Clowns often get a bad reputation in the media. Partly due … Continue reading Top 6 Killer Clowns You Have to Watch

Bold golden letters in an elegant metallic font spell out the title, "Tales of Novia."

Tales of Novia: Vol. 1, Book 1

Tales of Novia is a magnificent collection of character driven stories. The world is immersive and rich in detail. Danger is around every corner. It’s a magical ecosystem of excitement and mystery. There is never a dull moment in the land of … Continue reading Tales of Novia: Vol. 1, Book 1

A killer wearing a pasty White mask resembling William Shatner. He stands looking menacing and inhuman with pitch Black eyes. The mask he wears has a blank expression and has no emotion.

The Halloween Ends Trailer is Awesome!

The finale of the Halloween trilogy is three months away! Last night, the trailer for Halloween Ends released online. The iconic slasher, Michael Myers aka The Shape, is back to reign terror on the people of Haddonfield. Or is he? Scenes from … Continue reading The Halloween Ends Trailer is Awesome!

Thor, the God of Thunder, engages in a battle wielding the Thunderbolt of Zeus against his battle axe, Stormbreaker. Yellow and blue energy emanates from both weapons as Thor screams a battle cry.

Thor: Love & Thunder (2022) Review

I’m at the point in my life where I can gauge the quality of a film from the preview trailer. I recommend you go into Thor: Love and Thunder, with relatively low expectations. Even so, this did not quell my disappointment. The villain, Gorr … Continue reading Thor: Love & Thunder (2022) Review

Tom Cruise, as Navy pilot Maverick, stares at sun setting near his Super Hornet air craft.

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Review

Why is this film in the billion-dollar club? Top Gun: Maverick is spectacular! When I watched this in the theater, I flinched and shouted from the tension onscreen, which only happens when I’m on a roller coaster or airplane. So, it was … Continue reading Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Review

Hotshot Vol. 1: A Hero’s Welcome

There comes a time when you see a deal online you can’t resist. What is it you say? The Kickstarter for Hotshot Vol. 1 and 2 from Freestyle Komics. I already own the first two single issues. With both physical volumes available, how could I resist? The titular hero, … Continue reading Hotshot Vol. 1: A Hero’s Welcome

Clad in blue and black combat suit. Hotshot flies through the air, eyes glowing yellow with power.

Hotshot #2: A Hero’s Welcome – Part 2

The cover of this comic tells you everything you need to know. Hotshot suffers a severe beatdown from a behemoth of a man known as The Void. I don’t know who this guy is or why he’s obsessed with darkness and “Extinguishing … Continue reading Hotshot #2: A Hero’s Welcome – Part 2

Turning Red (2022) Review

Pixar can do no wrong. They changed how I view storytelling. How is it possible to make film for everyone? This is what family entertainment looks like! Turning Red is the cutest and darnedest thing. Meilin is a 13-year-old girl that transforms into a giant red … Continue reading Turning Red (2022) Review