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S02E01: Gregory Anderson Elysée, creator of Is'nana the Were-Spider The Story Monster Podcast

Greg A. Elysée discusses "Is'nana the Were-Spider: The Drums of Ogoun," the latest release in his graphic novel series. The story follows Is'nana, son of the Spider God of Stories, as he accidentally releases horror creatures into our world and tries to discover his place in it. The series aims to introduce audiences to folklore, mythological, and spiritual figures from various Black cultures and beliefs. "The Drums of Ogoun" introduces characters from Haitian stories and beliefs, including the God of War and the Goddess of Love. FOLLOW ME: Sounds & images are property of, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. — Support this podcast:
  1. S02E01: Gregory Anderson Elysée, creator of Is'nana the Were-Spider
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  3. Episode 47: Top 5 Movies with Friends
  4. Episode 46: Tales of Despair – When God Ignored His Children
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  6. Episode 44: Blacktooth Battalion charges forward with Omari Malik
  7. Episode 43: Journey to 'Ikuā with Moana McAdams & Ryan Robinson
  8. Episode 42: Tales of Despair – A Growing Boy
  9. Episode 41: Interview with The Vampire w/Illustrator, Ryan Robinson
  10. Episode 40: Nicole Givens Kurtz and Blackened Roots, An Anthology of the Undead


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