Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) Review

Warner Media knew my birthday was March 18th and released the Snyder Cut as a gift. OK, that’s a load of bullshit but a man can dream. Seriously though, this film is a cinematic milestone for both fans and Warner Bros. It is a far cry from its predecessor from 2017 simply titled Justice League. This is worth the 4 HOUR run-time, I promise you. It is recommended that you don’t view it all in one sitting. Space it out over a few days.

This muthaf*cka is crazy

Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) is one of the most savage villains. His motivation and backstory is flushed out a ton. As you can see, he is the offspring of a frenzied porcupine and Decepticon. The guy shows up and wrecks everyone and everything. Not only is he extremely powerful, but he is driven by redemption. This makes him a formidable threat to the heroes and all of humanity.

I wish Jeremy Irons was my dad

Every supporting character has a lot more relevance. Alfred is charming, funny, and a genius with technology. I want to know more about him in his younger years. The people of Atlantis who we meet in the follow-up film, Aquaman, are introduced and serve as an introduction to that world. We learn of events taking place that setup his solo film. It’s the well-needed connective tissue for the shared DCU.

Damn, there are raccoons in the attic again

My biggest complaint with this movie is the pacing. Too much time is spent on slow-motion sequences, brooding, and premonitions (aka Knightmare World). The editing is so seamless that it can be jarring as to what is reality and what is alternate-reality or future past. It’s all really confusing even for a sweaty nerd like myself. I’m sure if given a sequel, all of this would be explained.

Who caved in this man chest?

The focus should have been on Darkseid. He is supposed to be the big bad, the final boss. All I saw was a rock-skin dude that got his ass beat so bad, he forgot where he was. Speaking of ass beatings, Batman hands out a lot of them. Sure, our superpowered heroes do their fair share but when it comes to numbers, the caped crusader stacks bodies. To be more accurate, Parademons. They deserve a henchmen of the year award.

When the phone call starts with “your vehicles’ extended warranty has expired”

As of now, I have watched this movie twice. It’s a beautiful picture, every frame is like a comic book splash page. There is so much character development in this story. I would love to see a solo movie from Cyborg and The Flash. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the superior version of DC comics’ most iconic heroes. I give this an 8.5 out of 10.

Queue up “Holding Out For a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler

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