A black solider leaping towards the viewer as an explosion takes place in the background.

The Art of Action Stunts: Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking Magic

Welcome to an exciting exploration of the captivating world of action stunts in filmmaking. As the Cinematic Witness and herald of The Story Monster, I invite you to delve into the process of recording heart-pumping action sequences that make movies thrilling to watch. This article uncovers the intricate steps in bringing these stunts to life, from pre-production planning to post-production magic. Join me on this … Continue reading The Art of Action Stunts: Behind the Scenes of Filmmaking Magic

First-person perspective of a person thumbing through a bin of comic books.

Comicbooks: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectation: The Rise of Superhero Movies Comic books have been a source of entertainment and inspiration for comic book fans for generations. Whether you grew up reading superhero comics, collected graphic novels, or have recently discovered the world of comic books, they have undoubtedly become an integral part of pop culture. But as with anything in life, our expectations and the reality of what we … Continue reading Comicbooks: Expectations vs. Reality

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Podcast

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re intrigued by the idea. You just need someone to talk you into it. So, here are the Top 5 reasons (and benefits) for starting a podcast. 5/5You Like Yapping “You talk too much” is a tough pill to swallow, no matter how true it is. There’s a place for those words buried deep inside. Someone, somewhere on the … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Start a Podcast

A clown with chalky white skin with a bulbous-shaped head. On the forehead are cracks and veins that resemble an eggshell. A sinister smile reveals sharp buck teeth. Two red streaks run from the corners of his mouth up his cheeks and pass his brows. Red plumes of hair stick out from the side of its head.

Top 6 Killer Clowns You Have to Watch

October is a few months away, and the season of the witch is nigh. Horror fans are no doubt itching to watch content filled with gore, jump scares, and supernatural creatures. Clowns often get a bad reputation in the media. Partly due to real-life serial killers who used this disguise in addition to creeps trying to lure kids into the woods back in 2016. Since … Continue reading Top 6 Killer Clowns You Have to Watch

A killer wearing a pasty White mask resembling William Shatner. He stands looking menacing and inhuman with pitch Black eyes. The mask he wears has a blank expression and has no emotion.

The Halloween Ends Trailer is Awesome!

The finale of the Halloween trilogy is three months away! Last night, the trailer for Halloween Ends released online. The iconic slasher, Michael Myers aka The Shape, is back to reign terror on the people of Haddonfield. Or is he? Scenes from the trailer indicate something strange is afoot. Breakdown videos on YouTube highlight the fact that when Michael enters the home of Laurie Strode … Continue reading The Halloween Ends Trailer is Awesome!

Will Smith Unleashes “New Form” on Chris Rock

Hi, I’m Jeremy and I’m an asshole in recovery. I hold no position of moral authority. It is my sentiment Will Smith should have pulled Chris Rock aside and had a conversation backstage. There are a ton of opinions online about what transpired, some of which I find problematic. Let me be clear, I indulge in the buffoonery by sharing memes and telling jokes. This is … Continue reading Will Smith Unleashes “New Form” on Chris Rock

Warner Bros. Heel Turn on Cinemas

Every story has a bad guy or antagonist. In the world of professional wrestling, the more common term is “heel.” In this scenario, Warner Bros. is the baby face Hulk Hogan. Its streaming platform, HBO Max, is the NWO (New World Order). Not a fan of wrestling? Then I’ll use a more well-known reference. “Anakin Skywalker has turned to the dark side!” According to Variety, … Continue reading Warner Bros. Heel Turn on Cinemas

Quarantine Binge Part 2

Hulu ($5.99-$11.99/month) 30-Day Free Trial ACTION/DRAMA: 9-1-1, Good Girls, The Act, Queen Sugar, Killing Eve, Little Fires Everywhere, The Handmaid’s Tale, Snowfall COMEDY: Atlanta, Black-ish, Superstore, Grown-ish, Everybody Hates Chris, Bob’s Burgers, Rugrats, Hey Arnold ANIME: Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Blue Exorcist, My Hero Academia   Disney Plus ($12.99/month) 7-Day Free Trial STAR WARS: The Mandalorian (Best Show on the app, trust me) MARVEL: … Continue reading Quarantine Binge Part 2