The Nevers (2021) Episode 2

A new threat to the Touched has arrived in London and they are kidnapping young women. Not much is known about what happens to them once they go missing. More people are manifesting abilities, which is causing quite a stir. This casts a stigma on the orphanage of Touched individuals. Meanwhile, Amalia seeks answers from a dangerous criminal known as the Beggar King. This guy is no joke and will not hesitate to kill those who offend him.

The public is reeling from a terrorist attack by a group of Touched led by Maladie (Amy Manson). Amalia and Penance make a public appearance on behalf of their sponsor, to restore their image and appear harmless. Detective Mundi (Ben Chaplin) gets personally involved in a case that involves someone from his past, fleshing out his backstory further. He’s seen as a hot head drunk with a reputation for using his fists.

An unlikely alliance is formed between Amalia and Detective Mundi to find the missing girls. This leads to a showdown with Maladie, who is mentally unstable, yet enigmatic. She has connections all around London that act on her behalf. At this point, Maladie and Amalia are arch nemesis. Both are adding people to their ranks for an unknown purpose. Meanwhile, a mad scientist is performing ungodly experiments at the behest of a shocking benefactor. This episode really thickened the plot for me and gets an 8.5 out of 10.

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