The Promised Neverland (2019) Review

My best friend recommended I watch this show. After the finale last night, I was highly upset with him. The Promised Neverland is good as grandma’s cooking. The story revolves around orphaned children raised to be “adopted” once they reach a certain age. It is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Emma, Norman, and Ray are the main protagonists in this epic tale of suspense and mystery.

We follow the trio as they come across a disturbing truth about those that leave. It sets the stage for the events that follow. I was impressed by the intelligence of these kids. They are amazing! The caretakers are called Mothers. On the surface they are kind and loving, but don’t be fooled. They nutty as squirrel shit.

It’s surprising how much freedom the kids are allowed. They roam the forest as well as the house and can even read books from the library. Emma is the conscious of the group, filled with naive optimism. Norman is the old soul with genius intellect. Ray is a clever tactician who always has an ace up his sleeve. Seeing them interact with each other warmed my heart.

The show falls more into the mystery thriller category. So much of the world is hidden from the kids and us, the viewer. The revelations they uncover are shocking and create despair for the young ones. Pacing is well-balanced. When one question is answered, two more are posed. All the characters have tragic histories, pretentious goals, but retain an ounce of humanity. The Promised Neverland can be streamed on HBOmax. 10 out of 10 for the win!

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