The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 4

Listen, to be a super intellectual criminal, Baron Zemo has great customer service skills. He been serving Sam and Bucky like they in a five-star hotel. I know being royalty has its benefits but damn, they are living a life of luxury while hunting down the Flag Smashers. Which makes them look like assholes, because despite them being terrorist the F.S. have helped immigrants and poor people.

Shit hit the fan when the Dora Milaje showed up. Bucky peeped game because they were on the creep with it, told Sam and Zemo y’all go ahead. One of the Dora, the gorgeous Ayo (Florence Kasumba) let Bucky aka White Wolf know, Zemo killed our king so we here to hit ’em up Tupac style. So it’s a whole lot of politics going on at this point. My blood pressure got high; do you understand me?

As if things weren’t hectic enough, Johnny Walker and Battle Star showed up late to the party again. Failed negotiations between all parties ended in tragedy. The Dora Milaje mopped the floor with the hero squad, it was almost sad. I was low-key screaming, but not as much as I did at the end. Fueled by substance abuse, Johnny Walker did the unthinkable and didn’t give a damn who saw him either. This episode is definitely a 10/10 for me!

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