Aliens (1986) Review

If I only had one word to describe Aliens, it would be tension. They really revved up the creepy horror element in this sequel. Even if you didn’t see the first film, the dialogue does a good job bringing you up to speed. The long head Xenomorphs are back and even scarier. They aren’t like other predatory creatures that kill for sport, they have an … Continue reading Aliens (1986) Review

The Thing (1982) Review

Let me tell you something, CG animation will NEVER look as good as practical effects. The Thing has the most disgusting, disturbing, and downright terrible creatures I’ve ever seen. It was a true monster flick full of suspenseful moments. Imagine if Clue and Slither had a love child. It’s a good time and a film that still holds up in 2020. Kurt Russell and Keith … Continue reading The Thing (1982) Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Review

Yet another backstory in the Star Wars universe we did not need. I thought the Han Solo character was great as a smuggler with a mysterious past. When he was introduced in the first film, he was presented as an outlaw being hunted, one that isn’t afraid to kill in order to survive. He was also funny and charming. That guy was not in this … Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Review

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Review

People have looked at me in shock every time I told them, “I have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show.” As someone who considers themselves a movie buff, I was offended. So I made it a priority to watch this. I can now say it was worth the hype. This is the strangest and most original movie I’ve ever seen. I asked myself throughout the … Continue reading The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Review

The Mandalorian S01E07

And we’re back with another review of The Mandalorian. This episode is titled, The Reckoning. It is also by far one of the best in the series. Stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Our hero, Mando, has to recruit allies to assist him with a job. Immediately the characters are thrown into chaotic situations. I really loved this installment because it mirrors the original … Continue reading The Mandalorian S01E07

The Mandalorian S01E05

When I saw the latest chapter was titled Gunslinger I got excited. Well, my expectations were completely subverted. Although this episode was not warm & fuzzy like the previous one, it fell a bit flat. Started off strong then lost its steam 15 minutes in. I hope something changes soon because the momentum has decreased for The Mandalorian in my eyes. This time around the story … Continue reading The Mandalorian S01E05

The Mandalorian S01E04

This episode rubbed me the wrong way. Sanctuary takes the show in a different direction thematically. Placing Mando in a village straight out of a Disney princess story. Granted there’s still some run & gun scenes but it doesn’t advance the story further. If anything I would describe it as a filler episode. Nothing was really at stake for our hero and his little companion. … Continue reading The Mandalorian S01E04

The Mandalorian S01E03

As a somewhat casual Star Wars fan, I’m not very familiar with the culture of the Mandalorians. This one peels back the layers a little providing more insight. Mando as well as others reveal a bit in dialogue every episode. Lines like, “I’m Mandalorian, weapons are my religion” cause me to question what a Mandalorian is without his arsenal. Do they specialize in hand-to-hand combat? … Continue reading The Mandalorian S01E03