The Adventures of Saladeen, Keeper of the Flame

Created & Written by Larry D. McKenzie Illustration by Amandilo M. Cuzan Additional Artwork by Mari Martin Published by MCH Media Saladeen is a title passed on through generations. With it comes the responsibility of guarding all life from the anti-elements. In Part One, the emerging Saladeen attends a council with the Commanding General. He learns of a mystic force that threatens to wipe out … Continue reading The Adventures of Saladeen, Keeper of the Flame

Apocalypse Man

Story and Art by Brad Sun Apocalypse Man is a sweet, short, and impactful story. It’s a personal narrative set in a dystopian world where some kind of affliction turns people into monsters. I’m not talking about creatures you’d see in Power Rangers, DreamWorks animation, or a Disney program. These are full-blown Lovecraftian monsters that are hideous as hell and downright terrifying! The insane art … Continue reading Apocalypse Man