The Walking Dead S10E17

Finally….Maggie has come back to Alex-an-dria! To all my professional wrestling fans, that was for you. It’s been a long wait for the latter part of The Walking Dead, Season 10. I am overjoyed by what I saw. Drama, suspense, and action is everything I look for in TWD franchise. My jaw dropped when the episode started with Maggie coming face-to-face with the man that killed her husband, Negan.

Holy f*ckin cow!

The encounter did not go the way I expected, and I was left in suspense wondering what would happen to this man. Survivors of Hilltop just can’t get a break, as new enemies presented themselves, by killing allies of Maggie. How many groups are there? At this point, nobody is safe. Kelly is still holding out hope that her sister, Connie, can be found. She’s not the only one who lost a sister, as Jason Vorhees is in search of his.

Emotions were high! I got a little eye moisture hearing Maggie talk about her journey. There was just too much to like in this entry. The threat that pursued our beloved group was menacing and kind of random, which is what made it horrifying. If they can keep up at this pace, I’ll keep watching. Home Sweet Home came back swinging and earned an 8 out of 10.

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