The Mandalorian S01E05

When I saw the latest chapter was titled Gunslinger I got excited. Well, my expectations were completely subverted. Although this episode was not warm & fuzzy like the previous one, it fell a bit flat. Started off strong then lost its steam 15 minutes in. I hope something changes soon because the momentum has decreased for The Mandalorian in my eyes.

This time around the story takes place in familiar territory, Tatooine. It’s a wonder this place hasn’t been blown up by the Death Star. Mando walks into a bar and meets an amateur hunter named Toro Calican. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. He wants help from Mando. I thought it was cool to a degree because it reinforces the idea that no matter where he goes, there is some tie to “The Guild.”

Later on we meet Fennec Shand, a notorious assassin, played by Minga-Na Wen. Don’t expect too much. As she is underutilized and one-dimensional. How do you waste a talent like that? Cute interactions with Baby Yoda continues to be the saving grace of this show. Mando’s treatment of him in this episode is a bit questionable though. I’m starting to think the character is too naive or ignorant for his own good. I give chapter five a 6.5 out of 10.

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