Fright Night (1985) Review

I got to say I’m a sucker for 80’s culture. Especially the horror films. Practical effects, campy dialogue, and lots of attractive teenagers being butchered. Fright Night is definitely a product of the era. It incorporates classic vampire lore and really makes you fear them. I first came across the film when I saw the 2009 remake. However, there’s nothing like the original.

This is a popcorn and chill flick. Nothing to take too serious. Just a fun monster movie with some grotesque moments that look so real. I watched it on Blu ray and the picture looked amazing. The movie is about a boy named Charlie who finds out his next door neighbor is a vampire. He tries to warn everyone but they don’t believe him.

Even though the vampire isn’t threatened by Charlie, he goes after him anyway. That’s what I found most terrifying. The unforgiving nature of the vampire. There’s a few jump scares and transformations that will make you uncomfortable. If you’re out shopping and see this in the DVD pile, pick it up. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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