Child’s Play II (1990) Review

Welcome back my friends! Thank you for joining me on this long, forgotten, dark path. Halloween season is upon us, and I’ll be writing reviews for you all month. As it is the first of October, we will start the season with a spoiler-free review of Child’s Play 2. It’s a sequel obviously, but it also stands out from the original in other ways.

This installment just so happens to be better than the first film. It is less over-the-top with the acting and the Good Guy doll looks a lot more menacing. His expressions are more human and organic. Brad Dourif returns as the voice actor, spouting profanity. No one can use the word “bitch” with more vitriol and spite.

I found myself laughing profusely at this movie. The violence, albeit brutal, was sometimes ridiculous. How is it that no one jumps on this damn doll and pummel him? Don’t get me wrong, Chucky is a credible threat, he just hasn’t aged well over time. Child’s Play 2 is a solid choice for a campy intro to 90s horror. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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