The Nevers (2021) Episode 6

This is not the same show I’ve been watching! Sunday, I perused the HBO menu carefully, thinking I’d made some kind of mistake. How the hell did we go from 1800s London to a future civil war involving aliens? The first 15 minutes was confusing. Scenes felt rushed and disjointed. Things slowed down when Stripe was having conversations with the nice army lady who shall not be named…for reasons.

If “your breath stinks but I don’t want to be rude” was a person

Thanks to subtitles, things started to make a little more sense. Humanity is no better off in the future than they are in the 1800s. There’s still fear of the unknown and those who have abilities. To be Touched in both timelines is to be condemned. The life form responsible for the “change” in people is introduced. It is known as The Galanthi.

Tentacle porn

We learn about who Amalia is or was, before her amalgamation. The secret of her past is revealed in great fashion, as the viewer is given a flashback to all the foreshadowing. Maladie is given little more backstory. Events in the last episode are shown from Amalia’s perspective. More questions are given than answers. I love the character development in True and give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Is that where babies come from?

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