The Nevers (2021) Episode 5

If you’re not watching this show, start. The theme of “fear of the unknown” and “hate what you don’t understand” are not new. I’ve compared The Nevers to Marvel’s X-MEN before and for good reason. People with supernatural abilities are looked at as ungodly and are persecuted because of it. The Touched are no different. In this episode, we see those fears culminate into chaos and malice.

Someone in this room….has farted

We meet the puppet masters responsible for the propaganda against The Touched community. I don’t think anyone was too surprised. However, these men are willing to do ANYTHING to maintain control. Amalia and Penance appear to be going their separate ways. I like that Penance is more vocal and taking lead on missions now instead of being a sidekick.

This shot looked better in Avengers: Endgame

The finale is right around the corner! It looks to be an explosive one as the public execution of a certain Touched person has sparked outrage. Maladie’s plan to get caught is causing a chain reaction of events to take place, that could soon lead to the collapse of society itself. Everyone is in danger, and I don’t think the streets are safe for the wealthy, The Touched, or the poor. With a larger problem on the horizon, I am exuberant for what is to come. I give this episode a 7 out of 10.

This guy is definitely annoying to online Call of Duty players

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