The Eternals (2021) Review

I don’t know why writers use terms like “immortal” when the characters die so easy. Marvel introduced yet another cosmic street gang that live for a long time and never age. It’s enough people in this movie for them to start their own football team. These alien beings were credited as shepherds of humanity throughout history. When old enemies arrived, they teamed up to defend Earth.

I already saw this in Ironman (yawn)

All of your cousins are in this film. Some notable mentions include Gemma Chan, the Stark Brothers, and Angelina Jolie (who really didn’t do anything). The director, Chloe Zhao, had an incredible cast of actors to work with. However, too much of a good thing can be bad. Some Eternals got overshadowed and suffered from lack of development. This reduced them to traditional superhero archetypes like speedster, smart guy, and powerhouse.

The adult Power Rangers movie you always wanted

You might only get attached to three of them, as the others disappear until the third act. The story possessed all the ingredients to be highbrow fantasy or sci-fi. However, the poor use of lighting and lack of an actual set held it back. The protagonists spent a significant amount of time on their spaceship, and I couldn’t give you any descriptions. Nothing about this translated to out-of-this-world or foreign.

The best light source in the film

It felt like representatives of the United Nations got stuck in a warehouse and were forced to participate in group therapy. Action sets were kept to a minimum, which bored the hell out of me. This could be divided into two parts for the sake of the narrative. Too many concepts and characters bogged the narrative down. They treated this entry like a launch pad for sequels. The Eternals earned a 6 out of 10.

The movie got really steamy at this point

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