The Adventures of Saladeen, Keeper of the Flame

  • Created & Written by Larry D. McKenzie
  • Illustration by Amandilo M. Cuzan
  • Additional Artwork by Mari Martin
  • Published by MCH Media

Saladeen is a title passed on through generations. With it comes the responsibility of guarding all life from the anti-elements. In Part One, the emerging Saladeen attends a council with the Commanding General. He learns of a mystic force that threatens to wipe out the land and his people. I got Black Panther vibes at first and thought this was a cheap knock-off. However, it takes a different approach in that the Panther Black is an ominous figure and not a savior.

This comic does not overstay its welcome. In fact, it does the opposite, it stops right when the action is about to take off. Yes, I know how cliffhangers work. This was like a conversation was abruptly ended. It could benefit from more present storytelling than premonition. There’s potential for this to be a compelling series but the characters need to be developed more. We know what’s at stake, but we don’t know the motivations of the hero, his past, or anything about the world he lives in.

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