Bright (2017) Review

This is one of the best original movies on Netflix. I don’t know why it’s getting a lot of negative reviews. Bright was a realistic take on themes we’ve all seen before in Lord of The Rings and World of Warcraft. Creatures from different realms coexisting in the same space. The plot is simple, there’s a MacGuffin (magic wand) and everyone wants it. Will Smith, … Continue reading Bright (2017) Review

The Accountant (2016) Review

Ben Affleck is taking over Hollywood yo!!! This guy is an actor, producer, and writer. Not only did he kill it in The Accountant (no pun intended) but also in Batman vs Superman. Warner Bros. is so high off this guy he will be writing and starring in the stand-alone film titled The Batman. I’m looking forward to his other projects. Now let’s get to our review. I was … Continue reading The Accountant (2016) Review