Will You Bear Witness?

More About Me

Hey there, horror movie lovers! My name is Jeremy Rhoden, and I’ve been hooked on the genre since I was a wee lad. I used to sneak in viewings with my grandma, and when she’d inevitably doze off, I’d channel-surf my way into discovering more horror flicks.

But my love of storytelling doesn’t just end with movies. I’m also into anime, comics, and writing. As a Cinematic Witness, I make it my duty to consume as much entertainment as possible – to bear witness, if you will. Follow me on my journey as I explore everything that’s out there!

I’m an illustrator, writer, and content creator who has produced high-quality content for over seven years. As the host and producer of The Story Monster Podcast, I’ve interviewed dozens of independent artists, authors, and book publishers.

“The Story Monster” website is not just a place to share my passion for horror movies, anime, and comics. It’s a community of fellow writers and storytelling enthusiasts who come together to learn, grow, and be entertained. So, if you want to stay current on all the latest content and be a part of this amazing community, sign up for our newsletter! You’ll get exclusive access to new content, writing tips, and more. Just click HERE, and join the fun!

When I’m not busy managing and maintaining our social media platforms or designing web content like blog posts and podcast episodes, you can find me drawing, developing content, optimizing for SEO, or engaging in some good old-fashioned creative writing.

So if you’re a fellow horror lover or just someone who appreciates a good story, join me on this wild ride!

Get in touch

Jeremy is available for sponsorships and collaborations. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat about movies, TV shows, books, or anything else.