Circle (2015) Review

Queue this up on Netflix! This movie is the perfect depiction of humanity. It also could be considered the sci-fi stepchild of SaW. I love Circle and have watched it twice so far. A room full of strangers are forced to decide who lives and dies. Need I say more?

The story starts in a dark room. No one seems to know how they got there. As people start to gain consciousness, the biggest game of Russian Roulette begins. Circle may have the biggest body count outside of a war film. This movie is like a theater show. Low lighting, great performers, and strong dialogue.

It’s a movie with a powerful message about survival. It’s also a relatively short viewing. So, this can be an appetizer before binging your favorite show. Why stop there? You can also watch a movie from my “31 Days of Halloween” list HERE. Circle gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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