The Nevers (2021) Episode 6

This is not the same show I’ve been watching! Sunday, I perused the HBO menu carefully, thinking I’d made some kind of mistake. How the hell did we go from 1800s London to a future civil war involving aliens? The first 15 minutes was confusing. Scenes felt rushed and disjointed. Things slowed down when Stripe was having conversations with the nice army lady who shall … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 6

The Nevers (2021) Episode 5

If you’re not watching this show, start. The theme of “fear of the unknown” and “hate what you don’t understand” are not new. I’ve compared The Nevers to Marvel’s X-MEN before and for good reason. People with supernatural abilities are looked at as ungodly and are persecuted because of it. The Touched are no different. In this episode, we see those fears culminate into chaos … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 5

The Walking Dead S10E17

Finally….Maggie has come back to Alex-an-dria! To all my professional wrestling fans, that was for you. It’s been a long wait for the latter part of The Walking Dead, Season 10. I am overjoyed by what I saw. Drama, suspense, and action is everything I look for in TWD franchise. My jaw dropped when the episode started with Maggie coming face-to-face with the man that … Continue reading The Walking Dead S10E17

Shadow & Bone (2021-) Review

I love this series! Shadow & Bone is an amazing tale told in eight episodes. It’s about a giant magical border made of darkness, that divides a country. Factions compete for power and territory until an army grunt, Alina Starkov, discovers her ability to create light. This shifts the political landscape, as many believe she is the key to bringing down “the shadow fold.” The … Continue reading Shadow & Bone (2021-) Review

The Nevers (2021) Episode 4

The Touched grieved after losing one of their own. It was an especially sad affair for Inspector Mundi, who had a history with the departed. This man just cannot get a break, I wonder how long before he snaps. An unseen benefactor attempted to provoke the Orphanage into an act of aggression. Since their ranks have increased, the citizens of London have gotten more paranoid … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 4

The Nevers (2021) Episode 3

This is my favorite episode so far. It is also the reason I love Bonfire Annie (Rochelle Neil). Not only is she gorgeous but a lone wolf with ambition. Known for her alliance with the psychotic Maladie (Amy Manson) and her ability to create fire. Annie is caught attacking a shipment of the Beggar King (Nick Frost) by Amalia and Penance. The two scuffles with … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 3

The Falcon & Winter Soldier (2021) Episode 6

The finale has arrived along with Sam’s debut as Captain America. After a public execution and shield shaming from Bucky, he’s taken on the mantle. I have to say this episode wasn’t very entertaining to me. The story was predictable, especially with the identity of The Powerbroker. This episode mostly served as a launch vehicle for season 2 and villains that may appear in later … Continue reading The Falcon & Winter Soldier (2021) Episode 6

The Nevers (2021) Episode 2

A new threat to the Touched has arrived in London and they are kidnapping young women. Not much is known about what happens to them once they go missing. More people are manifesting abilities, which is causing quite a stir. This casts a stigma on the orphanage of Touched individuals. Meanwhile, Amalia seeks answers from a dangerous criminal known as the Beggar King. This guy … Continue reading The Nevers (2021) Episode 2