Your Honor (2020-21) Review

This show had me in my feelings. It packs a devastating gut punch. Your Honor displays both political and judicial corruption in its highest form. Bryan Cranston absolutely killed it as Michael Desiato. An altruistic judge charged with choosing family over justice. It’s an emotionally disturbing tale that will have you grinding your teeth in suspense.

Just so you know, there are some racially charged scenes that might trigger some viewers. It is a slow burn with elements of the psychological thriller genre. You got gangs, the Italian mob, murder, betrayal, and all the ingredients for a disaster. The cast is full of talented veterans and newcomers alike. Every last one of ’em bring the drama, trust me.

The series plays off the traditional formula of cliff hangers at the end of each episode. A few MacGuffins are presented to create sub story arcs for minor characters. It’s one of those shows where anybody could die at anytime. So everyone is given backstory, motivation, and something to make us sympathize. Even the bad guys have some redeeming qualities.

I see it as a case study on the abuse of power and those who seek it. A “Who Done It?” mystery where you’re watching everyone play catch up. Your moral compass will be tested based on the situations the characters find themselves in. It’s great storytelling that you can binge exclusively on Showtime. I give Your Honor a 9 out of 10.

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