Wrong Turn (2021) Review

Does the thumbnail of this post look stupid? Well that coincides with the film. Wrong Turn is not scary at all and a huge departure from the franchise. I don’t know what they were trying to do but it failed miserably. The formula was simple, a group of teenage party goers depart from a main road and find themselves battling for their lives against mutated cannibals.

I needed comfort after wasting my time on this

This installment has gone political in the worse way. Instead of disfigured psychopaths, you got a diverse community of conservatives. Turns out, they aren’t traditional villains either, in the sense that they aren’t the aggressors. You can bet your ass that when the action kicks off, they take retaliation to a whole nutha level. It felt like I was watching three movies spliced together.

My face in the second act of the movie

This is a textbook example of identity crisis. The movie was about hikers trying to survive, then it became a slasher, rescue mission, tale of revenge, and how bad it is for men to have agency over the bodies of women. It’s downright ridiculous the number of themes they stuffed into this mess. I was so confused and frustrated by the lack of direction. If you are streaming this, you definitely made a Wrong Turn in judgment. I give it a 3 out of 10.

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