Willy’s Wonderland (2021) Review

Nicholas Cage is truly a National Treasure. This time around he takes on the role of a janitor, hired to clean up an old children’s arcade & restaurant. What should be a mundane task, turns into a night of hardcore fatalities and dark revelations. I had an amazing time viewing this film. There’s a nostalgia about it from my own childhood; fear of those creepy robots that sing.

Cage is hell bent on cleaning the place up, impending doom withstanding. There’s a campy vibe to it at times but this is balanced by the carnage. Each animatronic has a unique personality and abilities. All of them hunt on their own, which makes the story play out like a video game with a series of mini bosses. A group of teens are thrown into the fray as cannon fodder, as is common. Not much to say about the cast, except for how Cage was able to go the entire movie without saying a single word.

To me, that was real acting. I really enjoyed the world building and history of the property, it has a sinister lore, serving as a character itself. You think it’s a one dimensional blood fest, but there are a few layers to it. The cinematography is grungy yet vibrant with color. This makes the kills that much more unsettling, as they take place in a setting associated with children. I highly recommend it. Willy’s Wonderland gets an 8 out of 10.

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