Wer (2014) Review

This was a recommendation from the talented E.M. Lacey. She and I are both fans of werewolves. Wer released in 2014 and is a reimagining of the classic monster. The writer and director, William Brent Bell (The Boy, Stay Alive, Devil Inside) took a more grounded approach. I found it to be very effective and unconventional for this particular genre. The “found footage” style is common in horror but usually to hide poor creature design à la Jaws.

Hope no one can see the huge stain I made

The story is about an overzealous defense attorney, Kate, tasked with representing a client accused of grisly murders. I’m not one to be prejudice but clearly this man is guilty. Many of the people in the film felt the same way. After many scenes of adults exchanging feelings in hallways, its revealed Kate’s client is not normal. As you’d expect more people die in horrendous fashion in what can only be described as nasty.

You look so cute when you’re serious

If you like Mortal Kombat fatalities, there’s much to enjoy here. There is some disturbing imagery; I winced more than a few times. This is where the documentary cameraman truly excels. It’s not a complete gore fest, the performances were actually decent. The producers made the world feel huge and populated. Wer is a sleeper hit, one that resembles the origin of a DC villain. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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