Vigilance #1

  • Writer: Micah Fox
  • Lines/Ink: Valdeci Nogueira
  • Colors: Veronica Smith
  • Publisher: Short Fuse Media

Vigilance has an origin story somewhat similar to Superman, she crash lands to Earth and is helpless. The difference is that her body isn’t shielded by a space ship. So the woman is confused, injured, and doesn’t speak Earthly languages. It’s a short backstory, one I would like more of in later issues. She is known as an “invulnerable spirit, defender of justice” to many but some see her as a possible spy from the stars.

The character design for the monster didn’t look very original to me. As with Hotshot, so many events took place, it’s difficult to determine how much time has passed. No insight is given to whether Vigilance has a life outside of being a superhero. Where does she live? How does she make money? Why does she want to help people and not find out where she came from? All questions I hope will be answered soon.

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