Uncle Peckerhead (2020) Review

The title of this movie is downright ridiculous. One must admire the courage to market a production called Uncle Peckerhead. This is an over-the-top horror comedy available to stream at no cost on Tubi. Commercials included of course. The story is as bonkers as the name suggests.

An aspiring punk band makes a deal with a stranger to drive them to a gig, only to learn he’s a flesh-eating demon. Starring Chet Siegel, Jeff Riddle, Ruby McCollister, and David Littleton. The comedy shines through and through with this tale of dimwitted musicians trying to make it big in the industry. A lot of dry humor mixed with wonky characters. Perfect to play in the background, the plot isn’t super serious, and the songs performed by the band are fairly good.

Judy (Siegel) is the lead vocalist and most intelligent. Max (Riddle) provides comic relief in the form of socially awkward comments and behavior. Mel (McCollister) dampens everyone’s spirit with cynicism. Peckerhead (Littleton) brought a surprising amount of charm and likability, especially for someone that eats people. His performance stands out the most in the latter part of the film.

Don’t expect exceptional cinematography or B-roll footage. Most of the budget went into the practical effects and makeup, which is extremely gross. This is apparent in scenes where Peckerhead mutilates his victims. The graphic detail of the bodies is exceptional with bizarre amounts of blood squirts. Uncle Peckerhead is lighthearted fun and earns a 5.5 out of 10.

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