Turning Red (2022) Review

Pixar can do no wrong. They changed how I view storytelling. How is it possible to make film for everyone? This is what family entertainment looks like! Turning Red is the cutest and darnedest thing. Meilin is a 13-year-old girl that transforms into a giant red panda. This proves to be an inconvenience as she is very emotional and rightfully so. The filmmakers did a great job making me feel how ridiculous Meilin’s mother was.

They recreated the scene from Halloween when Laurie was being stalked

Meilin and her group of friends are obsessed with the boy group, Four Town. They want to see them perform live. A helicopter mom and lack of funds make this difficult. It’s funny how they captured the vibe of the early 2000s with boy bands and the introduction of smart phones. I can’t express how ludicrous the characters are. More than a few people in my family came to mind. Anyone who has gone through puberty can relate to Meilin.

Can you say childhood trauma?

The story as a therapy session for those with overbearing parents. It’s cool how the history and mythology are presented, doesn’t feel like an exposition dump. This is a heartfelt story about the importance of adapting to change, while honoring tradition. The visuals are super fluid with electric vibrant colors. Turning Red gets an 8 out of 10 and is streaming now on Disney Plus.

You’ll get major Super Sentai vibes

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