Tom & Jerry (2021) Review

This movie is a flaming shopping cart of used diapers. I can’t believe someone green lit the script. Tom & Jerry is a staple of my childhood and I was happy to see them in a modern lens. Like most live-action adaptations of cartoons, the focus was on the wrong subject, humans. The comedic duo were treated as sidekicks, support characters in their own film.

It was a little distracting to see the traditionally hand-drawn cat & mouse in a real-life setting. Yes, its been done before in films such as Space Jam, but the difference is that it was integral to the story. In this case, it was an aesthetic choice that didn’t always stick the landing. Even talents like Chloe Grace Moretz and Michael Pena couldn’t save this mess. There is just too much going on, both visually, and narrative wise.

I’m not sure what demographic this film is aimed at. There’s no moral lesson, the human characters are shallow, and for some reason there’s a highly unbelievable romance. Admittedly, there are some laughs sprinkled throughout but not enough to justify the lengthy run-time. I checked the clock more times than I care to admit. Our old pals, Tom & Jerry have not aged gracefully. I give this one a 3.5 out of 10.

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