There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021) Review

The trailer for this film reminded me of slashers like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. What separates it from the two is time. The story is set in modern day, which is extremely relevant. There’s Someone Inside Your House is not only a long ass title that should get someone fired in marketing. It is also a commentary of how dangerous information can be in the wrong hands. As fucked up as it sounds, people are a lot easier to get a hold of these days.

When that spicy burrito comes out spicy

The movie is about a group of high school kids being murdered by a person in a mask. Here’s the twist though, the mask the killer wears, is a replica of the victims’ face. Imagine that the last face you see before dying is your own. Its stuff like that I like in a horror movie. To my knowledge, that’s never been done before. This psycho isn’t only out for blood though, part of their M.O. is exposing the deepest darkest secrets of the intended target.

The Breakfast Club reboot

It’s a simple narrative with a solid payoff. Characters have depth and are given time to develop. You can really believe the bond they share. The only complaint I have is that the writers made it too easy to figure out the identity of the masked assailant. Kill sequences were in-your-face and gruesome as hell. One of them was incredibly brave as it took place in a large crowd, like they clearly didn’t give a damn who saw them. Watch There’s Someone Inside Your House and tell me what you think. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

“I’m talkin’ to the man in the mirror…”

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