The Walking Dead S10E19

This episode is gold! Aaron and Gabriel are two of my favorite characters. Seeing them on their buddy cop adventure was a pleasure to watch. I have to say, this episode was artistically macabre. From the opening to the final scene. This season hasn’t been easy for the survivors. They had three communities living off the fat of the land. Now it’s all gone and they’re up shits creek without a paddle.

“These boots were made for walking…dead”

This entry, titled One More highlighted the vulnerability of these men. Aaron was fatigue and morally defeated while Gabriel insisted on moving forward. He’s so blinded by finding something on Maggie’s map, he stops paying attention to his surroundings. Speaking of surroundings, they happen upon some pretty fucked up sites. It’s kind of difficult to stay inspired when dead children are strewn about.

Queue In My Bed by Sisqo

Maybe I’m being too critical, but they did a shit job searching that building. I’m with Gross Face, you thought the boar just trapped itself in there. The card game with drinks is the best thing to come from this show in a long time. It was a moment that felt earned. Kind of like Gabriel finally snapping the fuck out, I’m totally afraid of him. That guy truly has a silver tongue. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Nothing good has ever come from this man showing up

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