The Walking Dead S10E18

How the hell did we get Find Me this late in the game? This episode belongs at the beginning of season 10 as it picked up with Daryl looking for Rick or his corpse, at the end of the river. The story jumped back and forth in time, which was a little daunting I must admit. I thought Carol was a figment of his imagination at first because so many events took place since she was at The Kingdom.

This is the perfect adopt a pet commercial

I have to say, never thought I’d see Daryl in such a vulnerable position. He expressed a range of emotions, affection for a shotgun-wielding loner, and anger towards Carol for a number of bad decisions. At this point, their relationship is more than weird. It’s not romantic or sexual, but a trauma bond. He delivers more than grunts, scowls, and ugly cries. Look, I’m not the most attractive when I’m bawling my eyes out either.

You’re so selfish, the last slice was mine!

This wasn’t all that eventful to be honest. I found myself browsing through my phone for most of it. Leah, the mysterious woman in the woods isn’t really interesting. I don’t know why Daryl is messing with this woman. In my opinion, the lady has hella gaps in her history. The emo pondering and rainstorms made me feel sad. This is a filler episode and gets a 5 out of 10.

What’s that smell? It’s the wind darling, keep driving.

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