The Thing (1982) Review

Let me tell you something, CG animation will NEVER look as good as practical effects. The Thing has the most disgusting, disturbing, and downright terrible creatures I’ve ever seen. It was a true monster flick full of suspenseful moments. Imagine if Clue and Slither had a love child. It’s a good time and a film that still holds up in 2020.

Kurt Russell and Keith David are the notable names of the cast. The story revolves around a group of men in Antarctica fighting for survival. Not only do they have to deal with extreme weather but an alien threat as well. The tone is pretty serious but that 80s cheese emanates occasionally.

As a viewer, you can get a sense of the climate they’re in. The set is snowy, cold, remote, and exceptionally large for so few men. Thus, creating an atmosphere of helplessness and paranoia. There are scenes that will keep you up at night. The Thing is a classic and worth a 6.5 out of 10.

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