The Strangers (2008) Review

I compiled a list of films to watch for the month of October leading up to Halloween. One film that makes it on the list every year is The Strangers. This movie will leave you a nervous wreck! The subtle scares and impending danger will have your palms sweaty. It has to be the most intense home invasion story I’ve seen.

A loving couple visits the summer family home and are met by “strangers.” Violence and mind games ensue from there. The sound production on this thing is magnificent. You hear everything from the snap of a twig to low panting from someone in a corner. This exacerbates the tension. It is truly a terrifying experience for the victim and viewer.

What really makes this movie shine is that is rooted in reality. There’s no doubt that this could happen to anyone. I like that the villains or antagonists are like hyenas playing with their prey. This makes them more psychotic as there is no reasoning with them. The Strangers earns a solid 7 out of 10.

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