The Shape of Water (2017) Review

Aww man! Where do I start? This movie was weird as hell. Not in a bad way though. Guillermo del Toro created a masterpiece in The Shape of Water. It is a visually stunning film with an unconventional narrative that is spellbinding. I think it will be in the conversation of Oscar contenders. It’s a film for adult audiences and worth a watch.

In the early 1960s, a lonely custodial worker, Elisa (Sally Hawkins) discovers a secret government asset. Elisa is a surprising character. One that evokes sympathy, curiosity, and bewilderment. Her co-worker and friend, Zelda (Octavia Spencer) is one of the standouts. Not only is she hilarious but she often serves as the voice of the viewer. Which makes the story feel more grounded to our world.

The cinematography has the Guillermo stamp on it for sure. There were elements of the creature design that were unoriginal. I couldn’t help but think this was a spinoff of another movie he made. However, it did not disappoint. Each character had a unique personality that was displayed through their interactions. There were no filler scenes or prolonged establishing shots. Every moment counted and was significant to the story. The Shape of Water has drama, humor, and action. I give it an 8 out of 10.


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