The Mandalorian S01E07

And we’re back with another review of The Mandalorian. This episode is titled, The Reckoning. It is also by far one of the best in the series. Stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Our hero, Mando, has to recruit allies to assist him with a job. Immediately the characters are thrown into chaotic situations.

I really loved this installment because it mirrors the original Star Wars in that we had a trio facing off against Imperials. It is an encounter that felt mature and super serious. Usually, Disney properties maintain a PG-13 level of optimism. This one didn’t seem that way. There was a feeling of doom looming throughout the entire narrative.

We learn a lot about character backstories and how lawless the galaxy really is. It’s just a really great story. More questions are posed but just as many are answered. There is more setup for future plot threads. I have no doubt will be paid off in the finale or the second season. I give “The Reckoning” a solid 9 out of 10.

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