The Mandalorian S01E06

YES!!! Now this is what I signed up for. Chapter 6, titled The Prisoner is a return to form. We learn some additional information on Mando’s past. The episode starts with Mando receiving a job to rescue a prisoner, no questions asked. To accompany him are some extremely shady characters that he once knew.

They were an amazing addition to the story. All of the actors did a great job being douche bags. The cast consists of Bill Burr, Mark Boone Junior, Natalia Tena, and Clancy Brown. All of them are menacing in their own way. I can not imagine my dear Mando being associated with such people. Which begs the question, how honorable is The Mandalorian?

I was impressed with the fight choreography as well as the cinematography. It gave me vibes of Alien as well as Batman. Mando truly shone as hunter and did so in the style of Predator (1987). It was a pleasure seeing him in an environment where he was forced in a corner. This one is by far my favorite in the series to date. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.


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