The Mandalorian S01E04

This episode rubbed me the wrong way. Sanctuary takes the show in a different direction thematically. Placing Mando in a village straight out of a Disney princess story. Granted there’s still some run & gun scenes but it doesn’t advance the story further. If anything I would describe it as a filler episode. Nothing was really at stake for our hero and his little companion.

I feel the House of Mouse dropped the ball with this one. The plot held so much promise as it was akin to The Magnificent Seven. A village threatened by raiders look to an outlaw for help. Seems simple enough. Sadly there was no exposition for the residents. So I didn’t care about them at all. There was no reason why he should have involved himself.

Seems like there is a trend for him to have a temporary companion on each mission. None who have stuck around for long. Perhaps that will change? This habit of helping every Tom, Dick, and Sally along the way is becoming a little tired. Mando has now been cast as a big softy who risks his life whenever given the chance. This installment is a step backwards for me and gets a 5.5 out of 10.

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