The God of High School (2020) Review

This anime appeared on my radar by word of mouth. One night I decided to see if the hype was real and….it is. The animation itself is what makes this show golden! The God of High School is about a fighting tournament in Korea, where the winner gets any wish, they want granted. No, it’s not Dragonball but it packs just as much action without all the grunting and screaming.

Jin Mo-Ri is the protagonist, little background is given on the character. His personality is akin to a Goku or Naruto type. In other words, he is super strong because the plot needs him to be. The narrative isn’t all that fleshed out and character motivations can at times be one-dimensional. Combatant abilities are out of this world.

Colorful energy cloaks to full body transformations. It was entertaining, fast paced, and violent. Trust me when I say you haven’t seen special attacks quite like these. They literally live up to the namesake of being God-like. The God of High School is worth a weekend binge and can be streamed on HBO Max under the Crunchyroll collection. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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