The Falcon & Winter Soldier – Episode 2

This episode opened with a musical number reminiscent of Drumline. Decorated army veteran, John Walker (Wyatt Russell) answered questions about his role as Captain America. At face value, the guy looks goofy as hell, but don’t be fooled. Something off about dude, from his body language to how he stares off into space.

Sam and Bucky reunited on a mission to stop the terrorist organization, The Flag Smashers. Our heroes knew little to nothing about these people, other than the fact that they robbed a few places. Sam got the guilt trip from Bucky about giving up the shield. You would think him butt hurt about not being chosen himself. It made sense later in the episode when guest star, Carl Lumbly appeared. That man scared the hell outta me when he started yelling, reminded me of my late great uncle.

On their mission, Sam and Bucky ended up in dire straits. But Johnny Walker and Battle Star arrived as backup. The fight against the Flag Smashers didn’t turn out well for our heroes. Asses were thoroughly whooped, but things got more complicated back home. Sam learned that his privilege as a “hero” has limits. In society, prejudice towards Black people still exist and he is not exempt from them. This installment covered some touchy subject matter and gets a 7 out of 10.

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