Bold golden letters in an elegant metallic font spell out the title, "Tales of Novia."

Tales of Novia: Vol. 1, Book 1

Tales of Novia is a magnificent collection of character driven stories. The world is immersive and rich in detail. Danger is around every corner. It’s a magical ecosystem of excitement and mystery. There is never a dull moment in the land of Novia!

Written by USA Today Bestselling author, Jessica Cage, Volume 1 introduces a number of supernatural beings with in-depth backstories. Some cross paths while others branch off into their own personal adventures. Novia packs a ton of action, world-building and thought-provoking storytelling into one cohesive vision.

The first tale revolves around a rambunctious fairy by the name of Remy. She is the personification of the teenage rebel. Remy is an adrenaline junkie with a desire to explore the vast land she only heard stories about. When dark forces infiltrate her borders, Remy cannot resist the temptation to investigate.

Next, is a forbidden romance between two species, one that could destroy an ancient truce and reshape the fabric of society. This one is by far my favorite, a reluctant vampire by the name of Gemini along with his band of misfits. New characters are introduced as the narrative divides and creates suspenseful subplots that take the reader to an even deeper rabbit hole.

One of them includes a male witch by the name of Maze. He possesses an extraordinary ability some consider an asset while others perceive it as a threat. His journey is one of redemption and discovery. This is a delight for fans of the fantasy genre. Jump headfirst into this incredible universe. All four books are available now for purchase.

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