Tales From The Hood (1995) Review

We takin’ it back to the 90s again! When rap music was about selling drugs instead of doing them. Police were just as corrupt, and O.J. was on trial for murder. This was the time period that produced Tales From The Hood. An anthology of horror stories told from the perspective of a funeral director played by the talented Clarence Williams III.

I was introduced to this film twice; once at a very young age and again in high school by an amazing teacher. There are four stories told about morally corrupt characters mixed with supernatural elements. It’s social commentary on issues that still affect our culture today. Some of the acting leaves much to be desired.

Despite the cheesy dialogue and aged visual effects, the film has some powerful performances. Talents like David Alan Grier and Paula Jai Parker steal the show with their entry titled, “Boys Do Get Bruised.” It is a very memorable story that some consider a cult classic. I love this movie and own it on Blu Ray. Tales From The Hood gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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