Power Rangers (2017) Review

As a 90’s kid and a Power Rangers fan, I was so nervous about this movie being made. The franchise defined my childhood. I owned a lot of merchandise including the light & sound communicator belt buckle that played the theme song. Needless to say I went in with high expectations. Through the grace of God it turned out to be very entertaining. It delivers a “powerful” punch and is pretty fun.

It’s about five teens who are imbued with super powers in order to save the world. The film stars a new cast of up-and-coming actors and veterans such as Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, and Elizabeth Banks. What surprised me was how dark and gritty the first act was. It added a much needed twist to the cheesy children show. However, it was not without its super campy elements. All of which made it pay homage to the original.

At times it felt like I was watching two different movies. Tones would quickly shift from gloomy to optimistic. There is something in this film that everyone can enjoy. Fans of the classic show will either be impressed or angry at the update to the Power Rangers mythos. Casual movie goers can enjoy the popcorn action flick for it’s violence and parallels to The Breakfast Club. Keep in mind, there are humongous plot holes. Many that will even have infants scratching their heads.

The choreography was pretty amazing! I wanted to see more fighting sequences. This is definitely a movie the whole family can get behind. Kids will pressure their parents into buying every color coated action figure and accessory that follows. The best part for me was experiencing that sensation of being an eight-year old boy again. For that, I give Power Rangers a modest 6.5 out of 10.

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