Pose (2021) Season 3 Review

For years, I’ve seen the music industry evolve at lightning speed, as pop trends, came and went. From TikTok dances to catch phrases used all over social media. It seemed like every other day, some YouTube vlogger was talking about someone “giving them [insert noun] tease, serving body, spilling tea, etc.” Most if not all of it can be credited if not linked to ball culture and the community that invented it. That is why in 2018 I started watching Pose.

People (including myself) use slang of gay, trans, and non-binary folk without even knowing where it came from. Enter, the ballroom scene, a place where different houses compete through choreographed song and dance to win trophies. Sex, music, fashion, and adventure make up this drama. The most consistent theme throughout is family.

Set in New York during the AIDS epidemic, the series focused on the House of Evangelista. The members varied throughout the show. However, most of the conflict revolved around the core members Elektra, Blanca, Damon, and Angel. Shit got real for them fast, from drug addiction and grand theft to flat out murder. Every character struggled to survive as they aspired to be accepted by both their peers and the world itself.

At times, the drama can be way over the top. Its balanced out by gut wrenching humor. I was tempted to label it a comedy, the interactions and retorts are fucking gold. If you need a lesson in speaking up for yourself while verbally destroying a person soul, start here. Those who love theater and musicals will enjoy this. Pose, the final season, gets an 8 out of 10.

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