The Story Monster Podcast – Episode 05: Andre Batts “A Pioneer of Black Comics”

I’ve had the pleasure of running into this man not once, but three times. Back when the world wasn’t suffering a pandemic, I attended all the comic book conventions I could. From small lesser-known venues to C2E2 at McCormick Place. I met Andre Batts at the very first Wakanda Con in 2018 at the Hilton hotel.

Andre Batts is a humble man with a great personality. Unlike other veteran creators, he did not see me as competition. He answered all my questions and shared his info with me. Who would have thought that years later I’d be interviewing him on my podcast? This guy is talented and has been selling his own comic book imprint for decades.

Dreadlocks is his flagship title. It was the first of many that I purchased. The stories are not what you typically find in the medium. Each character has depth and extensive backstory. Andre has a huge roster from the universe he forged so many years ago. Listen to this podcast episode as he shares his tale with us all.

If you would like to purchase his comic and other products, visit the online store at:

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