Malignant (2021) Review

I have no idea what James Wan was smoking, but he needs to share. This is by far one of the worst projects I’ve seen from him. Malignant is fuckin’ ridiculous bro! Do not be fooled by the marketing, this is a dark comedy masquerading as a slasher. For a while I was unsure what time period the movie took place. Visually, it is 90s grunge sprinkled with bad one-liners.

My reaction to the third act

The film is about a woman named Madison with terrible luck. She suffered a head injury that caused her to hallucinate and see gruesome murders. Unfortunately, they were not a figment of her imagination. So, it’s one of those scenarios where you’re wondering is it all in her head? I will say the movie is well crafted in how it makes the viewer doubt what they see. Everything is not as it seems but trust me when I say it is a lot more insane than they let on.

I’m the girl in the pink looking at people who saw this in theaters

This one belongs in the sci-fi genre more than horror. There are moments when a certain character literally displayed superpowers and it wasn’t even touched on. I’m like what the hell was that? Until then the world presented to the audience reflected our own. Then out of nowhere some Harry Potter shit goes down. I am owed an explanation sir.

The wildest scene in ANY monster movie, change my mind

Do not waste your time or dollars going to see this, unless you like funny movies. The dialogue is so cheesy, it temporarily clogged my arteries. Don’t even get me started on the Stranger Things musical score, very bad choice. If you can, subscribe to HBO Max for a free trial or get the sign-in info from a loved one. Malignant has gore, humor, and terrible fight choreography. I’m going to give this bizarre experiment a 4.5 out of 10.

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